The feed: Upload and configuration

To upload the products feed (catalog) you should follow the next steps: 

  • 2.- In "Optimize" section you will find the sub-section "Upload catalog".
  • 3.- Click on "Advanced options" to show up the fields to introduce the URL and the schedule of automatic uploads.
  • 4.- Depends on the format of our feed we should use different conversors to adpt it to the BrainSINS format. Next, we will show you the list of the most common conversors with their URL that you should put in the field "URL feed":

    BrainSINS Format  Follow the instructions of:
    Google Shopping xml
    Google Shopping csv
    Plugin Magento
    Plugin Prestashop

    Remembar that, for Google shopping cases, the URL "” should be replaced by the Google's feed URL in XML or CSV. 

    In the plugin cases, the URLl “” should be replaced by the URL of your shop.   

    NOTE: If the feed of your shop doesn't match with anyone shown in the table above or you have any problems to upload the feed, contact with our support team.
  • 5.- You can modificate the frecuency an the time interval for the next automatic upload. Take in consideration that you can select a range of time and not an exact hour to upload.
  • 6.- Finally, click on the green button "Upload catalog". Take in advice that the this process could take long between 1 and 30 minutes.

If the feed have been uploaded succesfully, you could see below the URL with the date and an OK.

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