Edit the "look&feel" of the recommenders

Just when you add a new recommendation block in your online store, the recommendations will show a basic look & feel, that in most cases wouldn't fit your online store's design. You can modify the look&feel of the recommendations by accessing our management console and then following the next path:

Optimization > Recommenders > List.

In that screen you will see a list of the recommender available for your online store. You can modify the look&feel of any of the recommenders by choosing the "Edit style" button next to each recommender:

Once in the editor, you could see some options to change the colors, sizes, etc. An example of a default configuration:

The basic editor allows you to modify certain basic aspects of the look&feel of the recommendations in an easy way. You can also modify the look&feel of the recommendations in any possible way if you have some knowledge of HTML and CSS. Click on the orange button “Swich to advanced editor” to start working.

Once in you will see four sections:

  • Product HTML: your HTML of each product of the recommender will be here. You also can use the variables ${name}, ${id}, ${price}, ${url}, ${image} and an onclick function to return something when click. You also can add the variables in your feed's misc property as following: {misc.offer_price}, ${misc.brand} y ${}.
  • Recommender HTML: HTML of the recommenders container. Each product that you want to show will be invoked by the variable "${product}". It says to the system that it have to reproduce the code in “Product HTML”.
  • Product CSS: your CSS associate to each product.
  • Recommender CSS: CSS associate to "Recommender HTML".

You should also configure the currency format according to each tracking code that you are using in your shop. Contact with support team of BrainSINS in if you don’t know clrearly what tracking code are you using or should use in your shop.

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