Mail Retargeting

Here is how an e-mail Cart Abandonment / Purchase should be configured.

To access to the abdonment cart / purchase tool you have to go to the section Optimization > Mail Retargeting > List as shown below:

Once there press the "Add e-mail" button.

Configuration types

At this moment, we have three possible configurations:

NOTE: The number on the right indicates the number of each type you have assets.

1.Cart abandonment

An email will be sent when someone has left the shopping cart with products but has not begun the process of payment.

2.Abandonment purchase / checkout

An email will be sent when someone leaves the cart with products having started the checkout process.

3.Custom newsletter

We can customize a newsletter to be sent in the period you want.

Options Configurations of Cart / Purchase Abandonment

In the configuration screen we will face different fields that help you to configure the email to send. Below are briefly described:

Basic configuration

  • Source E-mail: you should write here the sender. It can be in "email" or "Text <email>" format. For example: or info BrainSINS <>.
  • Subject: Subject of the email that will be seen by the recipient.
  • Shopping URL: This URL will we use internally to fill the variable {$ cartUrl} that you can use in the "wysiwyg" editor below.
  • Edit sending frequency: With the following two fields you can edit the time that must pass to be sent to the user. From BrainSINS, we recommend an hour for abandoned cart shipments and four hours for the abandonment of purchase.


  • E-mail Language: This selector have to indicate the language of the targets for which it is intended this email. The language shown here is the same as the store tracking. In a Prestashop store it is very common to send as language "en978" which is the combination of the english language with the code of the euro, which is usually the default setting for a client that accesses the store. This field will depend on how you made the integration. If in doubt, contact the BrainSINS Support Team in 

  • Symbol position: you may want to change the symbol position in response to the origin of the recipients.
  • Currency symbol: Indicate in this field the currency symbol that appears next to the product prices.

"WYSIWYG" Editor (What you see is what you get)

It allows you to edit the contents of email, either by modifying the on-screen controls or pasting the HTML and CSS of creativity already created by the customer. To do the latter, you should click the "HTML" button. In the editor you can use variables that are automatically replaced by BrainSINS at the time of shipment. The available variables are:

  • {$cartUrl} : is replaced by the value of the "URL cart" previously filled.
  • {$cartProducts} : is replaced by two products that the user left in the cart. You can add more products or modify how to show them (horizontal or vertical) in the advanced options. If you want more customization, please use the php kit or contact our Support team at 
  • {$recomms} : is replaced by a recommender with four products that fits with the products left by the user. If you want to display more products with this variable, or edit the style of the recommender, please use the php kit or contact our Support team at
  • {$ Email}: If you include your email address in the text of the mail, or chain him to a link, you can use this variable.
  • {$ md5Email} : We also offer a hash-md5 email version, if you find it more useful.
  • {$autologin} : This variable generates the following string: where the token is md5 (email + SecretKey). This variable is useful, for example, if we want to generate URLs in emails which allow to autologin in the online store. It is useful for stores with short session times.
  • {$unsubscribe} : It builds and url in real time to unsubscribe the user. You should locate it in href of "a" that will unsubscribe user of the service. 

NOTE: You can increase the size of the editor dragging (clicking and hold) the lower right corner or click the full screen button. Look at the picture below:


On / Off: Activate the checkbox will allow abandoning cart / purchase starts working.

Save: Until you press this button the settings you have set will not run, including activation.


Clicking on "Advanced options" you can customize the email retargeting beyond the basic parameters. Next, we will describe all the fields:

Advanced configuration

  • Disposal of products in cart: With this option we can indicate if we want the products to be displayed horizontally or in list mode. An example of each option:
    • Horizontal:


    • List:

  • BCC: You can add mails to the field (comma separated) which will be included as a blind copy on all emails that are sent.

  • Auto login secret key: Create a link in the email that allows auto login to your online store. The store needs a special resource to perform this task. If you have our Magento plugin may do so without having to develop any services.

  • Number of products in cart / recommendations: you can specify how many items do you want to appear in the widget cart and the recommendations.


  • Restrictions: The shipping restrictions allows us to send, or not, based on whether the mail cart products fulfill the restriction. For example, sending the email only if the shopping cart contains the product ID "X", cart products belong to the category "Y", or if the cart price overcome certain money.

SMTP Configuration 

By default, BrainSINS sends emails through our SMTP server but you can fill in the four enabled fields if you want to be sent through your own SMTP server.

Preview and test email

After saving the configuration of email, you can access a preview of it or even send a test email filling the following field: 


There is a possibility of including an email where abandoned mails will be sent instead of end users. This will let you try shipments before sending then to the customers.

Kit PHP to edit style

We have a Kit PHP available for customers that allow you to modify any part of the mail cart and recommender. Click on the image below to see the PHP Manual Kit:

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