BrainSINS Format

BrainSINS Format

If you prefer to create an XML with our own format, you’ll have to generate an XML file containing the information regarding the different products in your online store, including name, price, description, URL… You can use the next example as a template to generate your own XML file:

Important notice: The products id in the feed should only include numbers, not any other char

Important notice: idProduct, url, price and imageUrl can not be clear.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<recsins version="0.1">
<entity name="product">
<property name="idProduct"> ID of the product </property>
<multi_property name="name">
<property lang="en"> name in that language </property>
<property lang="de"> name in that language </property>
<property lang="es"> name in that language </property>
<multi_property name="url">
<property lang="en"> url in that language </property>
<property lang="de"> url in that language </property>
<property lang="es"> url in that language </property>
<property name="price"> price </property>
<property name="imageUrl"> image URL </property>
<property name="categories"> Categories </property>

What must contain each property?

  • idProduct: natural number (any other character, only numbers).
  • name: string without strange characters. But you can include it into a CDATA.
  • url: string with a valid url.
  • price: number with "." (dot) to separate decimals. 
  • imageUrl: string with a valid url.
  • categories: categories separated by commas.   

Those are the essentials properties for our catalogue format but you can also add some optional: 

  • description: it must contains a string and can be a multi_property.
  • stock: it must contains a natural number and give us information for possible business rules.
  • active: it can be 1 to let the product appear in the recommenders or 0 to doesn't show the product in recommenders. If the feed doesn't contain this property it sets 1 by default.

It is also possible to introduce a multiproperty named "multiprice" with the different prices per language instead of property "price".

Those are the properties that our loader will recognize as native. That means you can call them from our "recommerder style editor". If you need other property for your recommender as "discount", "offer_price", "tag", etc. you should use a special property called "misc". Look at the example below:

<property name="misc">
{"offer_price":"22.95","brand":"brainSINS","discount": "15"}

You can use those fields as variables in recommender style editor as you can see here: {misc.offer_price}, ${misc.brand} y ${}.

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