Google Shopping CSV

Google Shopping CSV

If you submit your products to Google Shopping, you have to generate a Google Shopping products feed, either in XML or CSV format. If you are actually generating a Google Shopping CSV feed, we would process that file in order to get all the information about your products

Important notice: The products id in the feed should only include numbers, not any other char. If there is no other way you can contact with our support team in

You should be able to access the feed in real time using the following URL:

NOTE: that "" should be the public URL of products feed of your online store. Also note that the process of generating a product's feed may take up to several minutes.

After you have checked that our conversor is able to generate the product's feed of your online store correctly, you need to access our management console and set-up the URL of the feed, so we can load automatically your product's feed. 

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